Techniques for Coping

There are things you can do that will help ease your suffering.

First Line Treatment

Certain prescription drugs have been known to help. We recommend you see your doctor right away. Funyuns and Krispy Kreme donuts may also help ease the stigma and gut-wrenching pain. If you or anyone you know is suffering from Post Traumatic Stickynote Disorder it's vitally important that you see a qualified medical professional to obtain a proper diagnosis.

Treatment for Severe Cases

In some instances where particularly strong treatment-resistant Agile PTSD was present, puppies have been known to help promote recovery. It's recommended that you consult your local pet shop for more information.

Further Remedies

Developers in the netherlands have reported that certain botanical and herbal mixtures have been helpful in reducing symptoms and easing the return to a "normal" life. The Amsterdam and Colorado chapters have reported that oils rich in CBD can decrease Agile-related siezures.

Extreme Treatment

Sometimes intensive puppy therapy can shock the system into recovery. This has certain risks associated with it, so it's recommended that you consult a physician to see if you are healthy enough for extreme puppy therapy. Agile PTSD is unique and treatment must also be unique.

Never run out of Treatment

To reduce the incidents of relapse amongst Agile PTSD patients, it's recommended to keep ample supplies of both Funyuns and Krispy Kreme donuts on hand. Running out of treatment supplies can forstall weeks of progress. Don't loose momentum in your fight against Post Traumatic Stickynote Disorder.