Learn the Signs

Post Traumatic Stickynote Disorder can effect any developer.

Intense Shame

We know it's tough. You're a developer, not a kindergarden student. It's down right insulting to be micro-managed to the degree you were. It's demeaning, dehumanizing, and worst of all - unecessary. You never signed on for that. It's not your fault. You MUST forgive yourself for the healing to really begin. So let today be the day.

Deep Sadness

It's like watching someone take your favorite pet and run them over right in front of you. An outside consultant who is frankly, not very good, and has no clue about you or what you do, is going to come in and suddenly "improve" how you work. It's shocking that someone could be so ignorant and cavalier as to think that would actually work .

Feelings of Hopelessness

Day after day, you go thru the motions, you fein a "sense of urgency" the best you can. But deep down inside your soul is crushed and you struggle to make it out of bed every morning. It's okay, trust us, better days are ahead. You don't have to feel this way any longer. Take control and get on the road to recovery. Sticky notes don't have to define you.

Anger and Fear

Seeing quality developers dropping like flies all around you, loosing your bros, and having to put on a smile. It's infuriating seeing someone with no track record or experience elevated above you and put in charge of something they have no clue about. It's like watching someone crush your baby in a vice and drown a litter of kittens at the same time.

Difficulty Coping

Getting on with day-to-day life can be tough. How can you get anything done, between the sticky notes, and the JIRA tickets, and meetings, oh God those fucking meetings. It can feel like it NEVER STOPS, but we're here to tell you that it does. Today is a new day. Yesterday is gone. Come step into the light of recovery and leave the trauma behind.